Kene Iloenyosi 

Author, Speaker, Talent Discovery Coach

We were each created with a unique combination of talents and these talents are pointers to the careers we should pursue. Sadly, most people spend their years working for a paycheck dissatisfied with their jobs. Kene Iloenyosi is on a quest to start a talent revolution and change this. He struggled with dissatisfaction while running the few small businesses he has owned, and in 2007 was nudged by his wife to take some time to figure out the right career to pursue. It took him 3 years to firmly settle on his talents, interests and passion, and how best to use them.

Kene is a talent discovery coach, speaker and author. He works with young adults to discover their talents and map out the most appropriate and engaging career to pursue. He also coaches people who want to change jobs or careers but don’t know what they want to do and teaches organizations how to maximize the talents of their employees.

Kene is the author of “Finding Your Sweet Spot”, and “DNA of Talent”, and the founder of Talent Revolution, a company that develops resources which help people with the talent discovery, development and application process.

Kene and his wife Lucy live in Johns Creek, Georgia.