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Carmen Fowler LaBerge


Carmen LaBerge is passionate about helping people reconnect the eternal with the everyday and equipping Christians to engage the culture in ways that honor Jesus. She is known for standing firm as a convictional Christian who speaks with veracity, humility and humor bringing the mind of Christ to bear on the issues of the day.

Carmen LaBerge is a writer, speaker, Christian radio talk show host and trusted evangelical voice in a time when evangelical leadership is offered considered suspect. In her role as Executive Director of the Common Ground Christian Network, Carmen convenes others to the table of collaboration where the unified witness of the Body of the Christ can be manifested to the disintegrated world with grace and truth. She is also the author of Speak the Truth: How to Bring God back into every Conversation (2017).

Following 20+ years of ministry in congregational, renewal and national ministry contexts, Carmen’s first foray into radio came with the launch of Reconnect with Carmen LaBerge in 2016 on Salem Media. That program is currently the NRB Radio Program of the year. In March 2017, Reconnect with Carmen was rebranded as Connecting Faith and moved from Salem to national syndication on the Faith Radio network. Here she continues to bring the mind of Christ to bear on the headlines news and interview hundreds of thought leaders, pastors, authors, journalists and academics on the topics Christians need most to hear. Carmen also writes and records a daily one-minute commentary called ReconnectOne broadcast on more than 450 stations nationwide. Both programs are available for distribution via Amb-OS.

Carmen has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Florida (1990) and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary (1993). Born in Indiana, raised in Tampa, Florida, Carmen has lived in New Jersey, California, Texas, Georgia, South and North Carolina. She now lives outside of Nashville on a 45 acre farm with her husband and family.

Speaking Topics

The Calling of the Christian Through The Speak the Truth Book.

How different could our world look if Christians were mobilized and
activated as they are called in the Bible:
 Ambassadors for Christ? How does a nervous, uninformed or non-motivated Christian take the first step to get into the conversation?

The Role of the Bible in the Life of the Church: Is the Bible the authoritative Word of God? If so, what does that mean for Christians who claim to follow it?

Church Trends: What is the state of mainline Christianity in America, and what does that mean for wider Church trends? What do evangelicals need to know as they are now clashing on the very same questions the mainline confronted five to ten years ago?

Identity and Christianity: What does the Bible say about identity and what does that mean for how we understand sexuality and marriage? Why does our culture seem identity-obsessed and how do we respond?

Decoding Cultural Trends: How can Christians understand what’s happening in the culture? Regardless of the symptoms, we observe around us, what is the true root issue?