Dean Rosson


As a dynamic communicator, Dean empowers employees to make simple choices that transforms their health, increase productivity, reverse the effects of aging, and create an energetic life. With over two decades in the field of health & wellness, Dean offers transformative wellness programs that have impacted every level of an organization; from CEOs, executives, to assembly line. Dean also offers inspiring keynotes and entertaining workshops that are both hilarious and practical.

Since 2005, Dean has also been a popular speaker for Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO organization, and speaks to hundreds of companies and thousands of executives in every city across America.

As a motivating business and conference speaker, writer, certified sports nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach, and former competitive bodybuilder, Dean specializes in transforming the health of individuals, companies and organizations to improve productivity and lower health care costs. From a 12 month program to a single event, lives are transformed.

Dean is also a popular radio personality and has been interviewed on over 1100 radio programs throughout the United States and Canada and has spoken to an estimated 12 million people.

His work has been featured on the Montel Williams Show, Prime Time Live and was featured in three PBS specials called Wealth and Wisdom. He is also featured on two DVDs being sold nationwide, and is the author of his soon to be released books entitled “Valuable Lessons Learned From a Dumbbell,” “Fit 2 Win,” and “KING of WAR”

Dean is the co-founder and president of Fit2Win Corporate Wellness, a cutting-edge incentive based wellness programs for companies that are motivated to improve employee health, productivity and cost controls. Fit2Win reaches the entire workforce at every fitness level with a dynamic approach to motivate, educate, and drive the actions and behaviors of each employee towards healthy living.


In this high energy presentation, Dean will reveal the powerful strategies to increase energy, feel great, and think clearer throughout the day. Dean presents an extremely effective strategy to reverse aging, stabilize energy, and develop strength while being the best version of you.

Powerful Strategies Include:

  • Transform your life in 90 days
  • Reducing health care costs
  • Maximize your brain with strategic food choices

Understanding performance nutrition

Dean Subaru.jpg
  • Reverse the effects of aging
  • Have a dynamic and healthy work force
  • Developing a culture of wellness
  • Compelling facts about fitness
  • Clear steps to wellness
  • Read & understand food labels
  • Preparation: the key to success
  • Most effective cardio plan ever developed
  • 6 simple ways to reshape your body fast
  • 7 Principles of effective exercise
  • Workout strategies that guarantee results
  • Motivation & momentum for life

Value to Organization:

Each person will be empowered with a clear strategy to transform their health and the ability to increase energy and mental focus by 42%. Companies are also empowered to develop a healthier workforce that will increase productivity and reduce health care costs. They will also receive all the materials needed to be successful such as an easy to follow workout plan, goal setting strategy, muscle building nutrition plan, and much more.